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Mar 8, 2017 | Posted by C.N.

If you are anything like me and feeling hesitant to take that first step and walk through the doors of LearningRX, just don't wait anymore. I came up with all the excuses of why it wasn't for me, before I reluctantly decided to try it out. At orientation they will tell you the gains come in the second half of the program so have patience and push through, but I will stand here as a current trainee at LearningRx and can testify that although I haven't been in this program very long, I already can say it's been the best decision I have made and I know it's making a difference not just to improve my brain but my quality of life, as well. The people at the savage center genuinely care about you, welcome you, and don't let you give up on yourself. I have needed this 'tough love' for a long time now and I'm so blessed and grateful for the people who are helping me strengthen my cognitive skills at LearningRX Savage.